follow your bliss

Don’t you just love these 3 words. I do. When we moved into our new built home I wanted these 3 words in my office/craft room – on the wall. Then I thought I could capture these words on a spare canvas I had. These 3 words would be a great phrase for my little man to grow up with. I planned the layout, the fonts, words and letter size. I made templates after printing the words using word art. Secured it to the canvas with double sided tape. I then decided to get my little man involved. My first craft collaboration with him. I did guide his teeny finger but the ‘your’ is made up of  all his fingerprints, textured paint effect.

follow your bliss process

I love how it turned out. It sits in his room.

 follow your bliss canvas

I can’t wait to start teaching him what it means. I hope you are following your bliss.

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