Oh well, I am NOT a winner.

I submitted three cards last year for Australia Simply Cards magazine Card Maker of the Year competition. The winners were announced in the current edition of the magazine [66]. Prizes included a place on the design team and of course craft goodies. No, I am not a winner but thought I would share my creations with you anyway.

This first one was inspired by rolled magazine pages. I did a whole bundle, rolling them tightly around a skewer and then gluing the edge. Then I arranged them by colour before sticking them onto a large ‘m’.

magazine art m

The next was inspired the Somerset Star technique but instead I used paper. I love the look of a solo bauble on a Christmas card. The detail is too small on this photo but there are 36 pieces of green and light green paper cut and folded and glued to form the Somerset Star.

somerset bauble_

And the last by bunting, chalkboard effect and scoring. Scoring to create the fireplace and to prepare the rosettes for the ‘noel’ bunting. Lettering with a white pen to create the chalkboard effect.

noel fireplace


2 thoughts on “Oh well, I am NOT a winner.

  1. Each of your entries is amazingly well done. I love all the little details you put into each card. Sorry you didn’t win, but you have amazing talent that will inspire those that receive your cards, as well as those of us you share your talent with here.

    • Thank you Golda I appreciate your sweet comments. I love sharing my ideas regardless whether it be through a magazine or through this blog – I will continue to share one way or another.

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