Flashback Friday – wedding invitations



I have been asked to create wedding invitations a couple of times now but my recent creation, not so recent nearly 3 years now was very special and unique. My good friend from school, of Vietnamese heritage was marrying an Egyptian. So the brief was to try and tie the 2 cultures together and to be a bit different. So I came up with a pyramid shaped ‘card’ with a red fan embellishment. Although most invitations were delivered in person they could be mailed flat if need be. Oh I wish I had my Martha Stewart scoring board back then, the fans were done by hand, fold by fold. The invite details you can a snippet in the next photo and initials were printed on vellum and the initials were secured with gold heart brads.

wedding invitations

Although I came across many pyramid box templates however I had to modify it, as you can see in this photo the ‘tongue and groove’ was added so the pyramid could be secured and shut.

invitation detail


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