SIC – 5th month

Yes, I am guilty I have lagged behind my self imposed challenge however am revved up to catch up and get going again. A reminder here why I am doing this, and the 2nd, 3rd and 4th challenges if you are interested. I love bunting so when I saw this…

bhg star bunting

I was eager to get cutting and folding the gorgeous paper that came with the magazine and create this red and white star beauty bunting. The stars are so easy to make with valley and mountain folds. Here they are on our wall…

star bunting on wall

and a close up.

star bunting

At first I thought this was cheating…

bhg muesli

because there is no cooking involved but then justified it by thinking we need to eat healthy and not complicate life [or mornings at least]. So this was breakfast for my little man and me. Muesli, honey yoghurt and fresh strawberries. Oh, with our tomato crop in the background. Yes thought I would go red and white theme for this post. Am loving my new found muesli – ‘GranOHlaah’ – really could eat it all day.


And recently became a little more active on Instagram – mainly of our garden and what it produces but am also loving the filters and effects – like this one above.


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