A stocking for Santa lollies

I won a Christmas stocking kit a few years back. A felt kit with super clear instructions and pre-punched holes, so super duper easy. Always wanting a challenge and trying new [and usually difficult] crafts it took me a while to get into it. Plus my little man was too young to ‘get’ Christmas but this year is different – he recognizes Santa everywhere and is constantly saying the word. He calls the little chocolates on his advent calendar, Santa lolly! So had the inspiration to finish the stocking. SO glad I did finish it, love it. I love the birds – they are so cute. I only changed the stitching on the ‘a’s’ – supposed to be a running stitch but maintained the French knots on all letters and also relocated the heart to a spot that more space. Yes it’s starting to look a lot like Christmas….

stocking 1

stocking 2

stocking 3


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