mortar and snow

I’d made a handful of gingerbread houses a few years back but remembered it as hard stressful work. Nice results but rolling the dough was tiring and stressful because you weren’t sure if your construction efforts were going to ‘hold’. Well when I saw these on Pinterest and I was determined to give them a go. Plus, I have a soft spot for all things mini. I wanted to make a little something for the mum’s in my little man’s playgroup. I was pretty happy with my little ‘neighbourhood’. I used this recipe and just used white icing for both the mortar and snow. The recipe was easy and easy to work with.



4 thoughts on “mortar and snow

    • Thank you Lorraine. Merry Christmas to you and your family. They are a little time consuming as you need allow dough to rest, then walls and roofs to cool before construction and decorating. I did find however that the mortar and therefore walls set much quicker then the normal sized gingerbread houses. I didn’t need another pair of hands as the walls were palm sized and I managed to construct with my little man wanting to be lifted every couple of minutes to see the ‘casitas’ spanish for little houses. Best wishes, Carina.

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