tickling the ivories

It was easy to decide what card I would make my sister-in-law for her birthday. As she loves playing the piano and I had seen some templates on Pinterest for a piano kirigami card I couldn’t resist. Not that I have done many kirigami cards but it would have to be one of the easiest in terms of cuts and folds I think. Plus the addition of the black keys [so simple, black card stock folded into a rectangle and glued on top] really defines the card. The one thing I did differently to define the white keys was to use my Martha Stewart scoring board – I much prefer this finish than using a thin black felt tip to outline the keys – it looks more real don’t you think. One the outside of the card it was old music sheets I bought at my local ‘boot hill’ markets, black ribbon and greeting sticker. And I used my round corner punch.

kirigami piano 1

hopefully you can see the scored white keys in this one

kirigami piano 2

and side view!

kirigami piano 3


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