grano markets

Sunday just gone my mum and I took part in the ‘grano markets’. We took our owls, my cards, photo albums and softies/felties and set up our stall. I made bunting and signage from vintage book pages. We displayed our wares in wine boxes filled with corks and my dad who has been taking fruit carving classes contributed with a watermelon owl. The organisers provided us with the stall signage. We had a fun day, there was a great atmosphere, Santa, a jumping castle and ball pit for the kids and a few sales too!

Here are some of the felties I made… yes the owls were from a pair of earrings, much nicer in the cages than on my ears… with stitching, beads and trim..

orange owl felties

green owl felties

the owls were my design but these birds were inspired by some pins on Pinterest…

bird felties

and our stall…

grano markets 1

grano markets 2

grano markets 3

grano watermelon owl


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