some unexpected [but welcome] visitors

Look who popped in for a cuppa the other day, ma Owl. I realise she might need to visit an eye specialist  soon [as gravity is not helping her pupil].

ma panamina owl

and I found these Owlets in the garden. They are very sweet and wishing to find a good home 😉

panamina owlets

My mum made them from her scrap [fabric,ribbon, trim] stash. Their bodies however are made from panamina. It’s a material she sourced during one of her trips to Argentina. I describe it as stiffened [sometimes coloured] Aida [cross-stitch] material. It lends itself to cross stitch and also holds it shape well so the possibilities are endless. My mum and I made years ago little panamina handbags and vellum umbrellas as bonbonnieres [party favours] for my niece’s 1st birthday.



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