A teaser and a tip

So I found out about this craft competition last year and vowed to enter this year. It has several categories so it was tough to decide what I should make to submit. I have finally decided and made a start, these are the materials I will be using.

Any ideas on what I could be making?


Promise to post the completed project soon as it needs to be submitted by the 12th of October.

With only 3 months to go till Christmas [we continue our Argentinian tradition of Christmas Eve celebrations with my side of the family here in Australia] I thought I would share a tip. May not be a tip to some but anyway, Pinterest now offers ‘secret boards’ i.e.  a board for your eyes only. So I created one called ‘gifts’, as I come across something I want to purchase online for someone I pin it – I then have one board with all the website links. You can add the recipients name in the ‘pin description’.


3 thoughts on “A teaser and a tip

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