SIC – 2nd month

SIC = self imposed challenge, check out why I imposed this on myself here. So onto my second month. OK – wasn’t too adventurous on the cooking front [ as I made cookies last month] but volunteered for morning tea at my little man’s playgroup and my BFF was coming over so these biscuits looked perfect for a cuppa.


Again decided to modify the recipe a little, salted cashews instead of salted peanuts, crunchy peanut butter instead of smooth, chopped white chocolate melts and broken Easter eggs instead of chocolate. They were a definite hit.


Part two of the challenge was much more rewarding. I choose this for the palette, blues, textured whites and silvers.


At first glance I thought these were post-it notes to re-create a calendar, they are in fact card stock squares behind a perspex to create a perpetual calendar. None-the-less is gave me a great idea for a congratulations baby card I have been meaning to make.


So using my square punch I punched 31 squares of blue, white and silver. Numbered them. Ran the white ones through my Cuttlebug embossing machine, for the textured look. Matted one on black card stock. Then used double sided foam tape to secured the square  onto an image of a blank calender I Googled. I inserted a text box for the month, ‘August’ in Cooper Black font. I am VERY pleased with my result. I couldn’t help photographing the card next to balloon poodle and my little man’s teddy.




Yes, little Hudson arrived 18th August at 1838. Welcome little guy.


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