Five senses journal

I came across this up-cycled bound book today. I love it when people think outside the box in their crafts and also re-use what would otherwise by rubbish and discarded. It reminded me of a book I created for a Spotlight store competition. The brief was to create something that represented 5, their birthday. I decide to create a handmade bound book/journal. Using my resource, ‘cover to cover’, I made the signatures, then stitched them and secured the ribbon between the outer and inner covers. The cover, both front and back  was covered in calico. I then crocheted a long chain and sewed it to the calico to form the word ‘five’ [Byington font]. I also embroidered the word ‘senses’ on the calico. Here it is.



And yes I did win – quite proud of my journal.

P.S I found my submission – it read ‘A spot to dump my ideas, colour combinations, things I want to create, recipes I want to bake, books I want to read, songs I hear on the radio, movies I want to watch….. oh if I just didn’t have to work’


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