Self imposed challenge – 1st month

So I have a subscription to Better Homes and Garden magazine. And although I love to receive it each month, and flick through the pages and absorb the inspiration I thought I would impose a challenge on myself. Cook at least one dish from the magazine each month and use something [idea/colour palette/anything] in the magazine to create a card/gift. Self imposed challenges are good – you can make up your own rules, lol. Having said  that am running a little late. My subscription started last month with the September issue. So here I am with September issue received in August inspiration.

The scrumptious Greek Kourabiethes from the magazine.


And mine – with alterations, almonds and walnuts. And not coated in all the icing sugar. And different shape. We enjoyed these for Father’s Day lunch.


This springtime colour palette was….


the inspiration for my Father’s Day card. A vintage car silhouette printed on an aged novel page. And paint swatch circles and bunting.


Thanks for following me on this BHG SIC.


4 thoughts on “Self imposed challenge – 1st month

    • Thanks Lorraine. Oh I plan to share the results each month. Although blogging can be hard to ‘squeeze’ in sometimes, it can be a nice incentive to finish projects so you can share them.

  1. I love these challenges. About a year ago, I got fed up with the same old recipes, so I decided to challenge myself to try a new recipe every 2 weeks – some attempts are disasters, but a lot have gone onto my permanent recipe list!
    Having a blog is a crafting challenge for me too.
    Good luck with yours!

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