The best Souvenirs

My friends know me really well…. I like that. My good friend and her hubby just came back from an awesome trip to France and Italy. They had a great time, and shared with us their stories and photos. They brought my little man a cute T-shirt that says Roma and brought me back this beauuuuuuuuutifulllllllll card. I love it. Its a form of kirigami/origamic architecture, whereby cutting and folding a card [one sheet]  creates a 3-D form [usually of famous buildings]. I found this great website  which further explains kirigami, origamic architecture and has patterns. It also has other Japanese crafts. Of course it has inspired me to make a kirigami card and I did make one similar to this however I might just be more daring and try a trickier design.



Thanks D & F for the souvenirs 😉


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