Orange Origami Paper Box

My passion seems to oscillate between yarn, fabric and paper. I have always loved paper and pretty much all crafts that involve paper. A few years ago I made this little box and did take some photos along the way, so I guess this is my first tutorial of sorts. Happy to answer any questions as this is a very rough  guide as I can’t remember the exact measurements.

Cut out from chipboard the pieces as shown that will form the base of the box [pieces on the right] and the lid [slightly smaller than the base both in length and width – pieces on the left]. The 4 pieces surrounding the lid are the resting panels. These can be any length but should be slightly narrower than the sides of the base. The long sides of the base should be the same length as the base [longest sides] and the two shorter sides should be slightly shorter than the short sides of the base so that the sides fit snug together.


Glue the sides to the base with white paper glue. You can see how the shorter sides fit nicely in between the longer sides at both ends.


Cover the base with paper, I used origami paper I’d purchased in Japan. Pick a paper that will match the piece of ribbon you will  use for the handle for the lid. Although you could use contrasting colours for the paper and ribbon and also you could use contrasting colours of paper for the base and the lid.


Cover with paper and glue the resting panels to the inside of the box as shown below. Using the same paper makes  it inconspicuous and it seems the lid is floating.


Cover the lid with paper, both sides. Cut  two slits in the paper [just slightly wider than the wide of the ribbon for ease] and thread the ribbon through the paper. Secure the ribbon to the chipboard with tape or glue. Then glue the paper to the chipboard. Cover the top of the lid first with paper, then cover the bottom of the lid with paper.


All done. Your little [well it depends how big or small you make  it] box made to house your treasures or to use as a gift  box.


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