Crocheted Creatures – love birds

If you have read a handful of my posts you will quickly learn that I love trying new crafts, amigurumi was yet another craft I wanted to try.  I made these two love birds and added an initial bead [you can just make these out at the top of the photo] with ribbon to hang the love birds. And I added two glass black bead as eyes. I attached these birds to adorn 2 separate gifts. They made cute little gift toppers and extra gifts two for 2 newborn baby girls.



5 thoughts on “Crocheted Creatures – love birds

  1. These are cute! How do you make the beads secure enough for babies? Or are they too small to be choking hazards? (I like to make toys for my baby and this is always a concern of mine!)

    • Thank you. To be honest I did not intend them to be played with but rather hung from a mobile or popped on a bookshelf and didn’t think about the safety aspect [I am a bad mum ;)]. The black beads are sewn on and the initial beads were threaded through the ribbon and then knotted. They could definitely be a hazard and not necessarily a choking hazard, my niece when she was three manage to get a bead, the size of the black one, up her nose. Quite a scare. Yes I think you are right, beads and babies don’t mix. Must be that in mind.
      Oh lucky you, where did you go on holidays and even luckier, away from the internet, must be a have been a very good break.

      • Oh they would be cute as a mobile! Ah beads up the nose, I didn’t know that was a risk too – my little man puts everything is his mouth, he hasn’t discovered he can stick things up his nose too! (yet 😉 )
        We just went to the country to family, it was lovely to be away from the internet and tv for a couple of weeks! I like to be “offline” for a couple of weeks a year at least. Does me good!

      • My little munchkin puts everything in his mouth too. But yes the nose, I guess that is to come. My sister-in-law panicked and called the ambulance but I immediately thought of having some pepper nearby to induce sneezing, that may have dislodged it with less trauma than a paramedic and ‘nose tweezers’.
        I should try it – being offline, not sure if I could cope but am sure it would do me good.

      • Oh pepper is a good idea! I don’t think I would have thought of that straight away!
        I can’t be offline for TOO long but a bit of being offline every year is great.

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