Another Pinterest Project – A is for ….

Well you may have seen all the pins about Sharpie projects, amongst my research I stumbled upon some feedback that the Sharpie although good in theory wasn’t withstanding the test of wash and wear. So I purchased the Pebeo porcelaine marker and ventured in the personalised mug project. I decided on an ‘initial’, an ‘inspiring quote’ and some ‘flowers’.  The mug was for my awesome BFF Antonella. Here it is from different angles.




Have you  tried this new craze yet?


6 thoughts on “Another Pinterest Project – A is for ….

  1. LOVE IT!!!!!!! I am the lucky BFF to have received this pretty, precious gift!

    The writing is still as perfect as it was and hasn’t washed off. Great size mug and after daily use of it, still as good as gold!

    Thank you BFF!!

  2. Brilliant idea – have heard about the sharpies but wasn’t sure if they would really work (thanks for the like by the way – your blog is wonderful!)

  3. Can you recommend the best place to get one from? Thanks, I have an electric one too but it’s not quite as easy to experiment with! Have a good day 🙂 Rosie

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