Thank you! Gracias! Danke! Obrigado! Merci!

I bought these cute embossing folders at the show recently and of course needed an excuse to try them out.


A couple of weeks back my son received a huge bundle of Wiggle’s gear, T-shirt, back pack, books, DVDs and puzzles from a family friend’s son [who is a big boy now ;)]. I wanted to send a thank you card and so decided to make some background paper for the card. Here is my slick black and white thank you card with a hint of grey [ribbon].


Whilst getting my fix from Pinterest, I came across an idea, run acetate through your embossing machine, wow what a wonderful discovery, so here are some quick pieces I did.


I also stumbled on Pinterest, printing gorgeous silhouettes on old vintage book pages. Again, I just had to try this and this old romance novel I am slow dissecting has worked a treat, I love this effect for background paper. Head over to Pinterest, follow me {Carinas Crafts} and on my papelphilia board I have links to where you can download some beautiful silhouettes. As they say, possibilities are endless. Pop back and let me know if you have come across any great free downloadable websites.


I hope you have either received or sent a ‘thank you’ card, it’s a great gesture, don’t you think?


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