Do you have a Pinterest addiction?

I am Pinterest-aholic, yes I am addicted. I love wasting spending time looking at all the wonderful pins. I can safely say that I do marvel at the pins but also make some too. The ones I pin on my ‘must make’ board do eventually materialise. Like this one, I saw it and thought I MUST make that. I had purchased these 2 pieces of material ages ago that mirrored each other in colour. I bought them because I liked the colour, texture, mirror quality and price BUT I had no idea what I was going to make with it. When I saw the the idea on Pinterest I thought ,perfect! So this is my first attempt at this ‘box’. A project that I finished yesterday and couldn’t help but start and finish instead of finishing my hexie project or making something for my ‘shop’ which I have committed to making something a month for it. A few things I would change but overall not too bad. What could I store in this little box?

sewing basketCloser up.

sewing basket close up


One thought on “Do you have a Pinterest addiction?

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