Miniature Monday – Mini Macrame

Long time ago 😉 at school we learnt the old craft of macrame, we learnt how to make the then popular owls. Similar to this one. I loved making them. I made quite a few from memory and gave them away to mums friends. Many years later whilst on a trip to Hong Kong I purchased some Chinese knotting books, all in Chinese but pictorial so easy to follow. The idea of knotting cords, string, yarn and wool together to create owls, or baskets, or fish or even these hanging baskets is pleasantly satisfying. I made this hanging basket a while back. This photo gives you an idea how tiny it is with the books above.

macrame hanging basket 1

And this the detail, some foliage and flowers from curling paper and flower punches.

macrame hanging basket 2


7 thoughts on “Miniature Monday – Mini Macrame

  1. Wow this is amazing! Every detail is just perfect. I’m bookmarking this to show a macramé loving friend.

  2. Do you have the directions to make the owl? You make beautiful things, but I love, love you owl. It is the best macrame owl that I have ever seen!

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