Mini tie for MR

That’s what my BFF and I refer to my little man in texts and emails. We had 2 baptisms last weekend and I wanted MR to look dressed up so I decided to dress up a white body suit with one of my husband’s old ties. My husband doesn’t do ties anymore, even to weddings or formal occasions, he pulls it off though I must say. Anyway, I had kept all his ties, either just in case he ever wanted to wear them or if I was struck with a creative idea. Well I was struck once before but with ones I had purchased, you can check out my creation here.

So here in pictures you can see I cut, sewed and clipped on MR’s mini tie to his bodysuit. I came across one of those clips that often found on trousers. I was going to use the press studs but thought the clip was better. It works a treat, you can slip the tie off to wash the body suit etc.

tie body suit

MR donning his tie.

MR donning his mini tie


4 thoughts on “Mini tie for MR

  1. What a great idea! Very cute. I might do something like that for my little man.
    When I was young, we had to wear uniforms at school (including a tie) and you could get ties with a little clip like that for the really small kids that couldn’t do up their own ties.

    • Thank you Sarah. I would love to see what you make for your little man. Yes I also remember my brother having one with an elastic and it would sit nicely under the shirt collar.

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