Miniature Monday – teapots

I hope all the mum’s had a great day yesterday. I did, I celebrated my brother’s and nephew’s birthday, alongside my mum and family. My little man got me a book, Sally Obermeder’s ‘Never Stop Believing’ an inspirational story I have already started reading. Well now with Mother’s Day over I can reveal a little miniature project I have been working on – you see it was a present for my mum. I purchased a little tea pot from the miniature show years back and with ‘Sculpey MoldMaker’ I made a mold. I set about to make lots of little teapots. You can get an idea on how big they are as  I placed an almost 3cm paper clip next to the green one. I had also bought  a white ‘wrought iron’ corner shelf that I pictured in my mind the teapots sitting on. So these are my little creations, I sanded them, glue the two halves together, painted them, decorated them [nail polish and toothpicks] and glazed them.


green teapot

orange teapot

white teapot

Oh and to keep on the miniatures theme I dabble in making a crocheted teapot cosy.

crocheted teacosy

shelf and teapots

I kept the theme going on the Mother’s Day card, by sticking half of a mini teapot on the card. I made my own background paper by using a page from an old book and stamping some ornate corners. I also stuck handmade fibre paper I had made in paper-making workshop many years ago.

mini teapot

A close up of half a tea pot.

mini teapot detail

And of course my whimsical gift wrapping. The corner shelf is in the box but each teapot is individually wrapped to create a ‘lolly’.



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