Miniature Monday

I went along to the Sydney Miniatures and Dolls’ House Fair on Saturday. The fair is combination exhibition and combination fair. It’s always fun and I always come away inspired and full of enthusiasm to make teeny weeny things. The talented people exhibiting are always willing to share their knowledge, tips and hints. There are the usual room boxes [exquisite china ware shop]…..

china shop room box

the ones that have a dolls house in the dolls house I always find adorable…..

girls room box

then there is the ‘outside the box’ in the bucket room boxes….

bucket room box

then the miniature knitting, crochet or suffolk puffs bedspread always have me in awe…..

suffolk puffs bedspread

and these are my purchases. I will be sure to post photos of what I end up doing with these. I already have some ideas….

my purchases

and I leave you with these little friends I found resting enjoying a cuppa on this gorgeous arm chair.little friends


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