Miniature Monday

Well this is a craft that my parents got me into. Almost 14 years almost to the day my husband and I left for a holiday to India. It was a great holiday, exploring Indian food, sights and colour. My husband was able to organise through a contact for us to visit the cockpit and pilots during our flight. We were lucky enough  and invited to sit in the cockpit for landing into Singapore – an awesome experience one that we know will never ever be possible again [given what occurred September 11]. During this holiday, my parents, still in Sydney came across the Sydney Miniatures and Dolls’ Fair. My parents couldn’t rave about it enough – my mum said to me, we’ll go next year and you will see for yourself. Well, we did attend the following year and religiously ever since, it is from this that we have developed a keen interest in miniatures. If you are in the Sydney area, visit, it’s on again this weekend,  Sydney Miniatures and Dolls’ House Fair. I promise you won’t be disappointed and you will be amazed. I plan to share with you creations from people that have exhibited at the show, my parents creations and hopefully this will encourage me to finish my project, more on that later.

Children’s and baby rooms are very popular and this is an example from the 2008  show. Created by Carol.

suzannes room 2008



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