Meet ma, pa and pigeon pair!

As promised I completed my hole-y hoot family. Four little owls are possible from one holey pair of socks, so I created nuclear family. It turns out 2 of the sock sections were larger than the other two, so these  became ma and pa, the other two the pigeon pair. I have them sitting just under our TV [wall hung] and sitting quite close to another paper project I tried in the past – I decided to use it as a back-drop. Can you spot it? I will be sure to blog about that project soon.

pigeon pair


Ma & Pa

the Hole-y Hoot family

owl family

3 thoughts on “Meet ma, pa and pigeon pair!

  1. Really enjoyed your little owls. I learned to crochet when I was nine years old. (I am also a lefty but was able to learn right handed without trouble.) My sister taught me. My grandmother taught her–all those ladies at the turn of that century crocheted and/or knitted. My grandmother put food on the table during the Great Depression by crocheting items and cooking donuts and making candy and sending the kids out to sell door to door. Crochet may not have always have been hip, but it has always been useful! Begonia

    • Thanks for visiting, your sweet comment and your story. MUST tell my husband, constantly reminds how pointless he thinks crochet is – oh it doesn’t deter me, I still crochet 🙂

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