Owl trend…

As I mentioned in  my previous owl post, they are very trendy at the moment. The hole-y hoot family is coming along and will have photos shortly of the nuclear family but in the meantime wanted to share with you some owls that have come to visit. Along with red and teal, owls was the theme for my son’s recent first birthday. Annie from Cool Cakes made this gorgeous cake. She did an amazing job! I love the colour combination. It all started with the personalised candy we purchased overseas on our first family trip, we choose red. Then I thought teal ribbon would be perfect to tie around the bubble jars and made the thank you cards with teal ink. We [originating in Argentina] call them souvenirs, here in Australia we stole the word from the Italians and call them bonbonnieres or I know they are otherwise known as party favours. Regardless of what they are called, they looked great and set the colour theme for the party.

owl cake


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