Hole-y Hoot

Well that wasn’t too bad, I took the plunge and it wasn’t so scary after all. Here I am back again, with another post. Another thing that’s popular [I think] are owls, they are everywhere. So what do you make with socks that you can’t wear anymore because of all the holes, owls of course. Here is the first one I made, I still have 1 sibling to make and mum and dad because you can make a whole a family from a pair of holey socks.

holey hootCut 2 tubes from each sock. One of the cuts should be curved, once sewn and turned inside out it forms the ears. Filled with hobby fill and then hand stitched at the base. I had some spare crocheted buttons that I had made and coincidentally matched the coloured threads I used to embroider the wings. The nose can be made from anything but I used a bit sock scrap for that as well. If you have any questions about how I created this owl, drop me a line.


One thought on “Hole-y Hoot

  1. Thanks for liking my post on silk ribbon embroidery! 🙂 I really liked reading your blog and will gladly add you to my blog roll to see your wonderful craft ideas!! 🙂

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